The best “Get out the Vote” ad I’ve ever seen

Declining voter turnout in many countries has sparked much debate on how to get more people out to the polls. This particularly applies to younger and middle-aged people, who show a rising aversion to party politics and who feel less duty-bound to vote.

Electoral authorities have tried various promotional efforts to encourage more people to vote. This video, however, might be the best “go vote” ad yet, as Trisha Paytas, a California celebrity-wannabe, explains why she’s planning to vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Her comments should be taken with a grain of salt, as her claim to be a conservative Christian Republican doesn’t square well with her own self-description on Twitter as “a mix between Woody Allen and your local hooker”, much less her less-than-conservative attire.

All they need are the words, “Decide for yourself on Nov. 6. Otherwise, she will decide for you” to make this an excellent argument for those with better rationales for their presidential choice to make an effort to get out to the polling station.

An online response and analysis from “The Young Turks”, a pro-Obama program:

Many thanks to Bryan Scott from Winnipeg Love Hate for bringing this to my attention!


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