And now a few words from the independents and the small parties

They don’t have the budget for attack ads, get-out-the-vote efforts or technologically sophisticated War Rooms.

Even though running as an independent or small-party candidate, without the backing of the well-known Conservative, Liberal, NDP or Green brands to back you up, is no easy task, nine Manitobans have taken on the task nonetheless in preparation for Monday’s federal election.

These nine candidates include:

  • Independents Eduard Hiebert and Brett Ryall in Kildonan-St. Paul
  • Christian Heritage Party candidate Jerome Dondo in Portage-Lisgar
  • Pirate Party candidate Ric Lim and Christian Heritage Party candidate David Reimer in Provencher
  • Communist Party candidate Darrell Rankin in Winnipeg Centre
  • Communist Party candidate Frank Komarniski in Winnipeg North
  • House Party candidate Lyndon B. Froese (though listed as an independent candidate by Elections Canada) and independent candidate Matt Henderson in Winnipeg South Centre

The View from Seven sent messages to all nine on Tuesday evening, inviting them respond by late Thursday evening to introduce themselves to readers and to offer a sense of how they would like to see Canada change in the years ahead. Four of the nine had responded by 10:30 p.m. Thursday night. In random order, here are the comments they shared with The View from Seven:

Ric Lim
Pirate Party candidate in Provencher
Web Site

I am Ric Lim. I am representing the Pirate Party of Canada and running as an MP for Provencher. This is my first time running for a political office. My education and work experiences includes degree in Computer Engineering, Health Physics and Radiation Science, and years of experience working in the financial & investment industry.

Our party, the Pirate Party of Canada, is about creating a government that is sensitive to our future needs. Our copyright and patent reform will make sure that intellectual property laws are used to encourage creative work and innovations, and not for keeping competition and development out. A good example is Canada’s rising drug prices. Patent law is being abused by brand-name drugs using patent litigation as one of several tactics to keep competition out. About 16.4% of our health care cost goes towards drugs, more than the percentage we spent for our doctors. Canada is paying 30% more than the OECD countries average. If we want to make our health care cost sustainable, we need to crack down on patent law abuses on drugs. The 10% of sales going toward research and development, as promised when government extended patent term to 10 years and then 20 years, is continuously being broken. We are not calling for abolition of all copyright and patent laws, just reforming it to better position ourselves for the 21st century.

Pirate party’s platform about Open Government would have a huge positive effect on improving the way we run our government. All records and expenses that are non-classified, and does not violate private individual’s privacy, automatically goes online for everyone to scrutinize. Explicit justification for their decisions and actions are also documented and available for everyone to review. Any irregularities could easily be caught. Any misappropiration of funds and overspending would be brought to light immediately. MP would be held accountable through an open forum and polling system online.

Protection of privacy is more relevant than ever. Companies privacy policy are lax and the way they handle people’s private information are a cause of concern. Sony’s and other high profile companies are recently in the news due to their customer’s credit card informations being compromised. That, along with websites selling private informations to third party, are testament to a lack of standards when it comes to respecting people’s private information and privacy.

Our Net Neutrality platform would ensure that everyone is able to access the internet and that it remains affordable. Also stop any law that would compromise the open nature of the internet. We also want to see Canada have a self reliant internet backbone, rather than relying pretty much exclusively on the United States. U.S. government is under increasing pressure from major studio and major labels’ lobbyist to pass restrictive internet laws. Internet “Kill Switch” law have also been proposed there. Therefore, by maintaing our digital sovereignty we could prevent U.S. information laws from becoming a de facto law for Canada.

Last but not the least is each Pirate’s MP is free to create their own platform. This would encourage diverse viewpoints and ideas and create a consensus democracy where people works together to better their district and our country.

Brett Ryall
Independent candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul
Web Site

My name is Brett Ryall, a recent graduate from the Computer Science Honours Co-op program at the University of Manitoba. I’m running as an Independent candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul. From my own viewpoint, I’ve noticed that MPs seem to be far more willing following their own party line than they are the concerns and views of their own constituents. Being an independent candidate, I will represent the concerns and issues of Kildonan-St. Paul, and make sure they are heard and presented in Ottawa. I’m gravely concerned about the national debt that Canada has currently acquired, as it is going to continually consume more of our budget in interest as the years go by. I would love to see fewer deficit budgets, and a larger emphasis on bringing down the debt. I would also like to see a restructured senate, as currently it stands as strictly appointed by the Prime Minister, removing any relevancy it has. It was originally intended to have more regional representation, so I would like to see the Senate either directly elected by the people, or appointed by each respective provincial government. I don’t see Canada as a country that should follow other nations, but rather to come to our solutions to our own problems, and continue to improve the great nation that it is today.

David Reimer
Christian Heritage Party candidate in Provencher
Web Site

Hello Readers.

My name is David Reimer, I reside in Steinbach, Manitoba and am a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) of Canada in the Provencher Riding. I am married to Katharine for 43 years this summer. I have three grown children who are all married and three grandsons. I am the founding Pastor of Shalom Family Worship Centre in Steinbach that has celebrated it’s 18th anniversary.

I possess a wealth of experience, as a former business man. I have been the Chamber of Commerce President for Steinbach for a two year term. I have been the Chief Referee in Southeastern Manitoba for over 30 years. I have been a Pastor for 25 years, and served in Shalom Family Worship Centre for the past 18 years. I have boundless energy and enthusiasm and am eager to serve the constituents of Provencher. I have been a longtime resident of Steinbach, and feel I would be well qualified to represent Provencher in Ottawa. I am passionate about my love for God, my family and my country, Canada. I humbly ask for your prayer and support on May 2nd.

Some of our platforms include:

Better Solutions for the Family

The family is the foundation of a stable society. CHP Canada’s Family-Care Allowance of $1,000 per month will assist those parents who choose to care for their own children in their own homes. CHP Canada will enshrine legal protections for the unborn and restore traditional marriage.

Better Solutions for Healthcare

CHP Canada will encourage a competitive environment for health-service providers to offer world-class care while attracting top doctors.

Better Solutions for Business and the Economy

CHP Canada will implement zero deficit legislation reduce red tape for businesses and end corporate welfare. CHP Canada will phase out the personal income tax, replacing it with a Fair Tax system that will benefit families.

Better Solutions for Immigration

CHP Canada will ensure our borders are secure! Islamic terrorism and immigration are global threats; immigration and migration are being used as a form of jihad to impose Sharia Law on Canadians. CHP Canada will implement a moratorium on immigration from countries with Sharia-based law.

Better Solutions for Justice

CHP Canada will reform our justice system to be based on public safety and restitution for victims of property crimes. CHP Canada will reform the inefficient court system, restoring the supremacy of law and ending the failed “revolving door” policy for violent offenders.

Lyndon B. Froese
House Party of Canada candidate in Winnipeg South Centre
Web Site

The House Party of Canada is optimistic. There is reason to be optimistic. Look at the incredible “moral” progress that has been made in the past 100 or so years. Women are considered human now and can even vote! It is no longer a status symbol to keep a black person captive in your home to do all the chores. So, what is the next step?

We believe that Canadians can begin to step off of the consumerist treadmill and start spending their time doing the things that they believe are important. What is it that you think is truly important? How much time did you spend doing that today?

Find out how and why The House Party of Canada believes that radical change in our priorities as a country can happen.

As mentioned, five candidates had not responded by late Thursday. They are:

  • Matt Henderson, a teacher at Winnipeg’s St. John’s-Ravenscourt School who is running for Parliament as a means of giving his Grade 9 students hands-on experience in the democratic process.
  • Eduard Hiebert, an independent candidate with an interest in electoral reform.
  • Jerome Dondo, a finance consultant running for the Christian Heritage Party in Portage-Lisgar
  • Frank Komarniski, a City of Winnipeg outside worker who is running for the Communist Party in Winnipeg North
  • Darrell Rankin, a longtime leader of the Manitoba branch of the Communist Party and former Chair and Treasurer of the Canadian Peace Alliance, in Winnipeg Centre

 Regardless of which party or candidate you prefer, if you haven’t already voted in the advance polls, get out and vote on Monday as if there’s a tie and it all comes down to YOU. (Indeed, recent polling suggests that many races throughout the country could be decided by thin margins.)

Thank you to Ric Lim, Brett Ryall, David (and Katharine) Reimer and Lyndon B. Froese for kindly taking the time to respond.


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3 Responses to And now a few words from the independents and the small parties

  1. cherenkov says:

    Good idea … doing this. Thx.

  2. theviewfromseven says:

    You’re welcome!

  3. Liv says:

    Keeping May out of the debates equates to Greens getting 4 votes from my place.

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