Mean-Spirited Energy?

A Phoenix Coyotes fan’s view of what he sees (with some justification) as Winnipeggers’ passion for NHL hockey turning into mean-spiritedness:

“Basically what I’m saying is this. Teams moving sucks for everyone involved with the team except the people that now get to be fans in the new location. Hartford losing the Whalers hurt guys I know like Donny Rivette that now writes over at Litter Box Cats. The Quebec Nordiques moving had to be tough for their fans especially since the team then went on to win a couple of cups. And it was hard for Winnipeg to lose the Jets too regardless of how I feel about it now. What none of those situations had were fans attacking other fans for no other reason than being fans of their team. There weren’t personal, vicious attacks against Whaler fans from people in Carolina. The people of Denver didn’t slam those that lived in Quebec City so they could have a team. There weren’t people in Phoenix cheering for the demise of the Jets either. It just didn’t happen.”

Well said, sir. We could and should have done better.


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One Response to Mean-Spirited Energy?

  1. Reed Solomon says:

    While I am sympathetic to the fans of the Phoenix Coyotes, in the end they got their team by yanking it from another city that didn’t want to give it up. If Winnipeggers are being boisterous about the potential RETURN of their team from what they see as a place that never appreciated or deserved their cherished property, then I don’t think it is completely unwarranted. Perhaps overly childish, but with the way Gary Bettman is pulling out all the stops to keep the team there, Winnipeggers have every right to feel spiteful.

    Now, I’ve read people badmouthing Shane Doan for making comments about his kids who grew up and were born in Phoenix not wanting to move to Winnipeg. You know what, I agree, that would suck for them. Not necessarily because of Winnipeg, but because nobody wants to lose their friends and home. Fortunately for them theres no reason for them all to uproot and move to Winnipeg. Doan has made enough money playing in the NHL that he can easily maintain two residences if he didn’t want to play for another city. Heck,many Manitobans/Canadians already do that. Who do you think is paying for those few sold coyotes tickets currently?

    Of course all this speculation is pointless. We could have the NHL sell the team to aliens tomorrow and I wouldn’t be surprised.

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