Winnipeg’s mayoral race suddenly gets attention in N.Y., D.C. and L.A.

If  an unusually large number of people in Boston, New York, Washington, L.A. and San Francisco have been logging on to Google Maps today in search of some mysterious place called Winnipeg (“Is that near Toronto?” “Is that close to the mountains?”), an article in The Week might be the reason why.

The weekly U.S. politics and current affairs magazine introduced its audience today to the Sam vs. Judy contest with an article titled Dirty politics: Canadian mayor ‘kicks children in the face’.

The online version of the article comes complete with an embedded video of a mock attack-ad on Mayor Sam Katz that portrays his misplaced kick at an August photo op as being something more sinister.

In addition to The Week and its estimated half-million readers, this little fiasco has also been reported on by The New Republic and The New York Times.

While The Week describes the video as being “disturbingly hilarious” and Robert Mackey of the New York Times calls it “the work of a comedian”, The New Republic‘s Jonathan Chait seems disappointed, noting that “You’d expect the Canadians to be more polite”.

The most interesting comment, however, comes from Chris Spags of, as quoted in The Week:

“I would totally vote for [Katz] if he kicked everyone else’s kids in the face… that’s change I can believe in.”

Though the misplaced kick is not a serious issue in the Winnipeg mayoral race, one wonders if it’s a worry to the other Sam Katz who is being courted to run for Mayor of Philadelphia by opponents of the unfortunately-named incumbent, Mayor Nutter. After all, rumours get started easily and then spread like wildfire, especially when they pertain to a political candidate…

On a completely unrelated note, if you thought your last flight was an unpleasant or tedious experience, check out this video taken aboard a United Airlines flight in January 2008. First, their flight from Brazil to the United States was canceled because of mechanical problems. Twenty-four hours later, they board what they think is a repaired Boeing 767, only to be still stuck at the gate four hours later.

Tensions are mounting in the cabin, and when a flight attendant shoves a passenger, all hell breaks loose: passengers begin rioting and Brazilian police board the aircraft to arrest not the passengers, but the flight attendant.

Once in the air, their ordeal is not over: an engine fire forces the jet to return to the airport where, unable to handle the pressure of a fuel-heavy long-haul jet meeting the runway at somewhere over 150 m.p.h., the tires blow out.

Gone are the days when international air travel was sexy and glamourous…


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2 Responses to Winnipeg’s mayoral race suddenly gets attention in N.Y., D.C. and L.A.

  1. christian says:

    Lol ! ‘That’s change I can believe in’

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