As Annie’s 86-year run ends, which should be the next comic strip to bow out?

She remained a constant in a world that changed radically over the course of her lifetime. She started fighting the bad guys during the Roaring ’20s and was still at it during the Internet Revolution. Her career spanned 15 U.S. presidents, 14 Canadian prime ministers, 11 Manitoba premiers and four British monarchs.

Today, the Little Orphan Annie comic strip (or simply Annie as it has been called since 1979) ends its long run, nearly 86 years after it was first published on Aug. 5, 1924.

With that, one of history’s longest running comic strips now fades into history along with the likes of John Darling, Sally’s Sallies, Secret Agent X-9, Agatha Crumm and The Far Side — and, of course, Calvin and Hobbes.

Now, here’s a controversial question to mull over: Which major comic strip should be the next to say “thank you and goodbye”, and why?

A few possibilities:

Baby Blues (Jan. 7, 1990)

Blondie (Sept. 8, 1930)

Crankshaft (June 8, 1987)

The Family Circus (Feb. 29, 1960)

Garfield (June 19, 1978)

Hi and Lois (Oct. 18, 1954)

Feel free to add others.


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3 Responses to As Annie’s 86-year run ends, which should be the next comic strip to bow out?

  1. Reed Solomon says:

    Far Side and Calvin And Hobbes quit while they were on top. Most of whats still in the comics pages needs to be taken out behind the shed and shot in the head.

  2. Ron says:

    Three comics that must go are:

    Cathy – she’s married now, but the jokes haven’t changed. So what was the point?

    Marmaduke – thankfully, no one went to the movie, showing the Anderson family that their estimates of the comic’s popularity were very overstated. And yes, big dog is big.

    Dennis the Menace – I never thought a comic could get worse than Family Circus, but here we are.

  3. cherenkov says:

    There are so many …

    Garfield is rarely funny anymore. The Wizard of Id and Beetle Bailey keep recycling the same jokes. I agree about Dennis the Menace, and Family Circus has to go as well.

    I say keep Blondie. Blondie in her negligee with the one strap hanging down is the best thing about the Sunday comics.

    Crankshaft isn’t funny, but the art work is the best in the paper.

    For some reason, as bad as many comics are now, I always read them anyway. probably just on the off chance that the author managed to come up with his first original and funny idea in three years. you never know.

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