A bizarre clip from the old days of Public Access TV in Winnipeg

Once upon a time, not as long ago as you might think, there was no Internet in Winnipeg.

No Facebook, no YouTube, no MySpace, no blogs.

But there was a place where Winnipeggers could go to share their thoughts, hobbies and passions with the wider world, no matter how obscure or bizarre.

It was called Public Access Television.

Several nights per week, if there was nothing else on the other few channels cable subscribers had back then — it wasn’t until about 1988 that there was anything but scrambled pay-TV services above channel 13 — you could tune in to the Public Access channel to watch a bizarre evening-long spectacle of off-key singers, belly dancers, The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show, or the gentleman below.

Does anyone know who he was, or what he was singing about? It sounds as though he might be Ukrainian. This very unusual clip resurfaced on YouTube in 2008 after spending many years on someone’s VHS tape, and has been viewed 96,804 times to date.

Many thanks to my cousin John in Calgary for finding this and bringing it to my attention.

What are your memories of Public Access Television in Winnipeg? Post them in the comments section below, or e-mail theviewfromseven@gmail.com


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A lone wolf and a bit of a contrarian who sometimes has something to share.

One Response to A bizarre clip from the old days of Public Access TV in Winnipeg

  1. cherenkov says:

    that’s kind of haunting.

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