Urbanist has some ideas about downtown parking that might apply to Winnipeg; big parkades not among them

I just wanted to quickly share an interesting article about downtown parking and urban revitalization by urbanist Roberta Brandes Gratz. This is very relevant to Winnipeg given the ongoing debate about downtown parking, such as the recent arguments put forth by Downtown BIZ’s Stefano Grande and The Rise and Sprawl blog.

Some of the more interesting points from Gratz’s article:

  • When downtown revitalization is being debated, there’s often too much emphasis on parking, even when no one knows for sure how efficiently the downtown area’s parking capacity is being used.
  • Undo the one-way street system and restore two-way streets downtown.
  • Don’t bother trying to implement mall-style parking standards downtown.
  • Maximize “upstairs” living opportunities, up above downtown stores and other businesses, in order to increase the number of people living downtown.
  • Reconsider the parking provisions required in new projects; don’t assume one size fits all
  • Give downtown residents parking privileges  not available to others
  • Focus on providing angled or curbside street parking if increasing the number of spaces is important
  • Most important of all: Make downtown worth coming to

Full article here.


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