Weekend Update: Scotland’s topless one-woman crime wave and other tidbits

A busy week has left me with little time or creative inspiration to write something new, the last post having been 11 days ago on the world’s best countries.

That post seemed to please at least one Swedish reader, who used it as evidence that Sweden is still number one after a Finnish poster to an online discussion forum argued that Sweden is on the “the brink of destruction, or actually already escaping into a gorge.”

Scandinavia, a peaceful place by all accounts, is still home to a long-standing rivalry between the Swedes (who are justifiably proud of their country) and their neighbours (who often feel that the Swedes look down on them).

It goes to show that neighbourly rivalry — Canada vs. the U.S., England vs. Scotland, Ireland vs. the U.K., Australia vs. New Zealand, etc. — is not unique to the English-speaking world.

In the 11 days since I wandered into the world of international rivalries, traffic to this blog has been quite good despite the lack of new content.

I know that there have been at least a few loyal readers who’ve been checking in regularly to see what’s new. Looking through my regularly updated feeds of new and interesting news items that could serve as the basis for a blog post, a few things caught my eye:

  • Bad, Joanne! Bad! Bad! Bad! Residents of Crieff in central Scotland could be forgiven for thinking that a scolding along those lines from a judge has been the most that’s ever been done to deal with local bad girl Joanne Mayor. The 27-year-old finally ended up in jail Friday after repeatedly going back to her criminal ways after being released on bail. Mayor, described as a “one-woman crimewave” by a local newspaper, had previously been convicted 86 times for 166 offences in the past decade. These offences, ranging from shoplifting to running topless down a railway line, were cited as evidence of Mayor being “morally bankrupt” in court yesterday before she was handed a two-month jail sentence.
  • Forgetfulness might be a sign of attraction. Women who find that men suddenly seem to get forgetful or absent-minded in their presence might want to look in the mirror to learn why. Psychologists at Radboud University in the Netherlands have released new research showing that men become so mentally engaged with a woman they are impressed with that they will become far more distracted from what’s happening around them than either a man speaking to a woman he is not particularly attracted to, or even a woman talking to a man she finds attractive. The study was published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology.
  • Horses, humans more closely related than originally thought. New research published earlier this month in the journal Science reveals that genetic testing shows that horses and humans share “unusually similar chromosomal arrangements”. The tests, carried out on the DNA of a horse named Twilight, showed that “more than half of Twilight’s genes appeared on chromosomes in the same order as those on human chromosomes”. By comparison, dogs and humans are only 29 percent similar.
  • Passenger opens emergency exit to let fresh air into stuffy plane cabin. An Air India flight from Calcutta to Myanmar’s capital city of Yangon was delayed by more than seven hours on Monday after a Buddhist monk opened an emergency exit to let some fresh air in as the aircraft was about to push back from the gate. The 45-year-old passenger, travelling by air for only the second time in his life, reportedly understood little English or Hindu, and might have been inspired by the images in the in-flight safety card.

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2 Responses to Weekend Update: Scotland’s topless one-woman crime wave and other tidbits

  1. mrchristian says:

    Man, why can’t our crime sprees be topless ?

  2. theviewfromseven says:

    LOL — I guess they’d have to take place when neither mosquitoes nor frostbite pose a problem!

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