Gimli area could soon have own local radio station

It has a hotel good enough for Harrison Ford, a decent pizza house called Brennivins, some nice new condos and an airport large enough to briefly get Air Canada Boeing 767 service — well, sort of.

But the Gimli area has never had its own radio station.

That might change when the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) opens hearings in Gatineau, Que. on Sept. 29th to consider two applications to start the region’s first homegrown radio station.

The first applicant is Bill Glade of Swan River, Man., who proposes to start a low-power station on 93.7 FM with an even lower-powered relay on 99.5 FM in Arborg. The station would broadcast a country-pop-rock mix over an area stretching from Petersfield to Camp Morton and from Komarno to just shy of Grand Beach.

Glade also wants to start a low-power station on 97.1 FM in Neepawa playing country music, with a coverage area falling just shy of Minnedosa and Gladstone.

He’s up against Riding Mountain Broadcasting, the owners of Brandon stations CKLQ and Star FM. Riding Mountain also has its eyes on the 93.7 frequency in Gimli. They’re proposing an Adult Contemporary format, featuring music by Coldplay, Sheryl Crow and Savage Garden, with plans for a more powerful signal that would cover an area stretching from the northern outskirts of Winnipeg up to Arborg, and from Inwood to Pine Falls.

Once the CRTC holds public hearings, a decision could be handed down by the end of the year. If a licence is awarded, the new stations could be on the air anytime from several months to a year or two from now.


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