Wikileaks lets you see what’s in those reports marked “Confidential”

There’s a cool site that I ran across a while back, bookmarked and then forgot about.

It’s called Wikileaks. As the title would suggest, it bears a passing resemblance to Wikipedia. However, the goal of Wikileaks is to share documents not intended for public viewing by placing copies on various servers around the world.

It’s kind of like browsing at Red River Books in the Exchange District: Even if most of the documents you find don’t interest you, eventually you’ll find something that does.

A sample of what’s on Wikileaks includes:

  • Find out how an aging workforce with a growing number of health problems is taking a bite out of Wal-Mart’s bottom line. (“Our workforce is aging faster (0.50 years per calendar year) than the national average (0.12 years per calendar year)… Our workers are getting sicker than the national population, particularly with obesity-related diseases.”)
  • Interested in a political career, but have no flair for speechwriting? No problem. The Conservative Party will write your speeches for you. All you have to remember to do is to fill in the blanks. (“Thank you for that warm greeting. I always enjoy being back in [Community].”)
  • It looks as though the British city of Nottingham has a few issues in its municipal workplace: “Things get done by the heroic action of a few”, “People pursue their hobbies, organisational priorities may not coincide”, and “People who challenge things are viewed as a pain in the neck”.

Keep up with what’s new here at home by bookmarking Wikileaks’ Canada Page.

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One Response to Wikileaks lets you see what’s in those reports marked “Confidential”

  1. mrchristian says:

    coool. Thanks for that !

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