Learn a bit about spinning by watching the pros at work

Hey, political buffs! If you have about an hour or so to spare, and can watch online videos from the comfort of your sofa, recliner or bed, I recommend checking out Brian Stringer’s 1995 documentary “Spin” sometime.

“Spin” takes us back to the 1992 U.S. election campaign. During that campaign, Stringer monitored the satellite feeds used by the television networks and the respective Republican and Democratic campaigns. In the process, he caught the semi-private conversations of politicians, journalists and campaign workers.

This revealed some of the techniques used in politics to ‘spin’ the news, bypass challenging network interviews in favour of soft-ball interviews with local TV stations — and revealed some of the politicians’ and broadcasters’ unpleasant attitudes.

If you’re a political buff and haven’t seen this documentary yet, you’ll likely enjoy it.

Or click here for a version that you can enlarge to fullscreen size.


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