Domino’s scandal turns spotlight on restaurant hygiene

If you were making the day-long drive on Interstate 40 from Raleigh, N.C. to Nashville, Tenn., you might have been tempted to exit the freeway at the small town of Conover and stop in for a bite to eat at one of the town’s restaurants. Drum’s Restaurant perhaps, or maybe the Wild Coyote Grill. Or maybe even at Domino’s.

Well, the Domino’s in Conover, N.C. might be more of a bizarre tourist attraction than attractive dining option after this week’s scandal, where two employees made a video of themselves contaminating food products supposedly destined for customers, and posted it on YouTube.

The two Domino’s employees were sacked, and the company ordered the restaurant closed for a thorough cleaning while apologizing profusely for the incident.

This follows close on the heels of another YouTube video that caused another fast food giant considerable embarrassment. In this case, a McDonald’s outlet in Adelaide, Australia was shown in a severe state of filthiness. (See link above.)

However, a quick look at the restaurant closures and convictions posted online by the City of Winnipeg show that the restaurants most likely to have an unpleasant run-in with the Health Inspector are smaller independents, not subject to the head office scrutiny applied to the chain stores.

And these documents show that many of the risks come from the mundane things that aren’t nearly as sensational as what happened in North Carolina. Things like the improper storage of food, failure to use hair nets, or obtaining food from unauthorized sources.

I can see from the clock that it’s time for me to go grab some lunch now… I suppose…


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